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Dan, University of Dayton

Volunteering with Cocha Pedal and Freddy was an amazing experience! Freddy's passion for sustainability and the environment is truly inspiring. His drive to re-purpose bikes into useful machines that are helping people in his community is remarkable. No longer are bikes just a mode of transportation, rather they are tools that are providing people an opportunity to thrive, while using sustainable technology. It's great exercise too!


Louise, Lyon, France

Working with Cocha Pedal was a life-changing experience for me. Cocha Pedal is more than just an organization–its a family that welcomes you with warm, open arms. Even better, that family is genuinely working towards changing the world step-by-step. I'll never forget my experience in Cochabamba and all the ice-creams we made (and ate) thanks to the bicimáquina!

Aydin, University of California-Berkeley

The opportunity to have worked alongside Freddy and the rest of the Cocha Pedal crew was one that I will always cherish.  Cocha Pedal works on projects in tune with the needs of the community.  I was always inspired by Freddy’s uncanny ability to transform the few material resources he had, from scrap metal to old bike parts, into beautiful and functional works of art in the form of bicimáquinas.  I found that the key ingredients for the projects were resourcefulness, creativity, and hard work.

Andrea & Our Soap-Making Squad, Boston University

Volunteering with Cocha Pedal was not only a fun experience, but it also taught me the importance of small scale development. The work they do with bicycle technology is exactly the type of work that small communities need and can expand in infinite ways. I loved getting to know Freddy, Rosio and the community of development workers and students we worked with. I will never forget the skills that I learned in Cochabamba!

Emily, Exincourt, France

In 2015, I started a Master's Degree in Project Management in NGOs and for the last semester, I had to find an internship somewhere in the world. I really wanted to go to South America and I ended up in Bolivia, working with Cochabamba Pedal Project. It was an amazing choice. The team is composed of great people from all over the world with different expertise and knowledge which made my experience even more stimulating.  After 6 months there, I felt that I left a part of myself with Rosio and Freddy and my goal is to keep helping Cocha Pedal whenever I can!

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